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  Photograph Restoration  
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(630) 963-7200 Call Us Toll Free: (888) 943-1449
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We have been restoring old & damaged photos for 30 yrs.
We work with the general public as well as museums & historical societies.
We repair minor or severely damaged pictures, whether faded, stained, torn, missing pieces, bad color, water damaged. We can work on original photographs or digitally restore your images. We can even improve your photographs that are not damaged, but were never that good to begin with. Such as photos that are too dark, too light, far away, grainy or a little out of focus. Although we cannot make them perfect, we can usually double the current quality to make them look better. We can also just copy photographs that don’t need restoration. The new prints we make for you will be on archival quality papers guaranteed not to fade, discolor, or mold for 100yrs. We offer very reasonable prices and quick turnarounds.

We can send a Federal Express prepaid label to ship your photos to us. Call Mark for a free quote.

In addition to working on photographs we also work on all sizes of negatives, slides documents, Tin Types, Glass Plate images, Daguerrotypes, Ambrotypes, Calotypes.
We also restore damaged picture frames
Call us to request a Federal Express label. You can use it to
send your items to us
We enjoy hearing from our clients  -- Call with any questions!
We answer phones 7 days a week 9am - 9pm Central Time (888) 943-1449
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* We can add color to black & white photos.
* We can add or remove people.
* We can copy the old photographs for clients who do not need any repairs.
* We offer quick turnarounds.
*We use archival quality papers that will last over 100 years.

How to use our services:

Call us to request a Federal Express label. You can use it to send your items to us.
Call us if you have any questions, we’re happy to help.

Email us by clicking here

Click Here

Call us at 888 943 1449
Ask for Mark The owner

For clients that decide they are not ready to restore their items or photographs with us,
we will provide a free estimate and answer any questions they may have.  All we ask is that you cover our shipping costs. 

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assemble pieces  combine and colorize  colorize black and white 
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We can put your photographs on to real painters canvas stretched on high quality wood frame
to make your photograph look more like a painting
We carry a full line of textured papers to add even more elegance to your photograph.
Gallery of Restored Photos
(click above to see a gallery of Before and After Restored Photos 
We can put photos and slides to DVD.
We can repair old 8mm/16mm movies and put it on DVD or external hard drive.
We can repair VHS videos and transfer to DVD or hard drive.
Please scroll down through our website to see samples and info of our services.

For clients who have us restore their photographs or other items, but cannot visit us in person, we will provide a shipping label by Federal Express. This includes all photographs, documents, films, or videos.   For clients that decide that they are not ready to restore their items or photographs with us, we will provide a free estimate and answer any questions they may have.  All clients are responsible to cover all shipping costs.

For clients who are only sending us photos have a second option of scanning their photos & e-mailing them to us.
Make sure to follow these guidelines:
     1. Scan your photos at a minimum of 300 dpi at 100% (of original Size). Use RGB color mode even if photo is a black & white.
         Turn off any photo enhancement features your scanner may have.
     2. Then attach the photos to an e-mail to us with a description of what you want done including your name address,
          phone number.

We will respond within 24-48 hours, usually the same day, we can provide a written quote.

Just contact us by clicking on the contact us button at the top of any page and send us an e-mail requesting us to call you or the address of where to send the Federal Express box and a general description of what type of project you have.

We can provide you with a e-mail sample image (after a 50% deposit) of your photo after we are done restoring it for you to see before we Federal Express your final copy back to you. This is a great way you can see if you want us to make any additions to your restoration before we ship your final images.

We accept:  PERSONAL CHECKS + MONEY ORDERS. We do not accept credit cards or PayPal. Clients are responsible for all shipping costs.

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Old Movies Transfers
click above for sample old movie transfer

Call Mark the owner for a free quote 888-943-1449. We are open 7 days a week 9 a.m. - 9 p.m.

We will digitize & convert your old 8mm & 16mm home movies & put them on DVD or a hard drive with music. We offer fast turnarounds most orders in only 5 days. Our services can include cleaning your old movies, to improve their quality, then digitizing & enhancing their color, tone, contrast & clarity to make your old movies look great like they did when they were first made. We can email you a short clip of what your old movies will look like, we have very reasonable prices. We can send you a prepaid Fedex Express label to ship your old movies to us. We have been restoring old movies for over 30 years & do work for the general public as well as many museums & historical societies. Our DVD's are archival quality discs each guaranteed for 100 years.

Photos - Slides Put On DVD Or Hard Drive
click above for sample photo to video

We can put your old photos, slides, diplomas, 3D objects, anything on to a DVD or VHS video. We will create a magnificent show with many types of dissolves, transitions, special effects,
and background music or your own narrating.

VHS Video, 8mm & 16mm Video Transferred to DVD or External Hard Drive
click above for sample old movies to DVD

We offer Federal Express shipping for clients who have us convert their old movies to DVD or VHS. We will send you a self addressed Federal Express label, then you simply place your old movies into a well packed box, put our prepaid Federal Express label on the outside, & give the box to Federal Express. Federal Express will then bring it to us. When your project is done we will ship everything back to you via Federal Express.  For clients that decide they are not ready to restore their items or photographs with us, we will provide a free estimate and answer any questions they may have.  
Clients are responsible for all shipping costs. 

We offer Blu-Ray logo DVDs
We will provide a quote before we start your job.
faded and damaged BD05 faded
Other Services Include
We repair damaged documents
We repair damaged video tapes
We repair damaged old movie film
We can enhance dark or light video tape or old movies for better quality
We repair damaged frames
We will never hurt or damage any of your photos, documents, movie film, videos that you send us
and you will receive all your originals back at the end of the project.
Contact Us
Photograph Restoration Inc
6900 Main Street Suite 140
Downers Grove, Illinois 60516
(630) 963-7200
Call Us Toll Free:
(888) 943-1449
Contact Us
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